Friday, July 29, 2011

Steve Pelaez Practices Kung Fu at Nationals

After a week of living it up in NYC with jenna sans kids. i felt like superman with his Bell Lap kit on.

Why? Simple, jenna and i were relaxed and happy. Felt like a 2nd honeymoon. So my testosterone was in overdrive + all the beautiful women that NYC has to offer kept me smiling. Especially in this heat, hoooaaaah, short short skirts everywhere.

Also, i was riding around the city (no helmet) on a foldable bike dodging cabs and pedestrians. That gets your blood pumping.

We raced with the younger dudes (30-34). At first it was confusing how they were gonna score it for both age groups. Either way i figured i'd just win it outright and spank em all. Anyhow, after i took the 1st 2 sprints of 12 (72 laps) i was pretty sure i could manhandle this group so i attacked and elliot logan went with me. I took the next 2 sprints and then lapped the field w/ 35 to go. Unfortunately, elliott dropped off and didn't make the lap. I was egging him on to just hang on and he's guaranteed a silver. Sucks he couldn't make it.

Once i lapped, it was game over. i was able to just enjoy the race for the next 35 laps. I neutralized any breaks and just rode the front in the sphinx position. Btw, the UCI is effectively banning this sweet bar. A-holes!

Tonight is the madison and i'm racing the madison with klipper. I think we'll call ourselves team headlock and punchO. Gonna crush this field under a packed fri night crowd.

It's just awesome racing here. It's like TVC w/ a sweeter faster track.