Monday, July 12, 2010

San Rafael Crit

By: Bill Disco Rider

So we had a small but lively crew for the old-man race on sat; Mark, Tom and myself. I did an early sat ride to get dialed as the race was at 4pm, and during my morning ride I felt a bit flat (which is a good sign for later). warmed up briefly with Tom and enjoyed his trackie style jumps on the road bike (can spot a track rider on a road bike a mile away - just looks like they are trying to make a normal gear roll like a fixie, its funny). so the race starts and maybe 5 laps into the short 40min crit there is a small group OTF with Innes and a few safeways etc maybe 10secs up the road. as we roll by S/F line they ring it for a prime, so I rather easily bridge up to the group on back stretch and wax them super easy for the prime and notice I'm nose breathing in the 12 and with a good break so thinking I can finally win this thing being the hometwon race and all. then lady luck decides to crap on my head; very next corner a safeway in the break rolls a tire (not enough glue!) - he doesnt crash and roll - he rolls and crashes! - I'm right on the wheel so bunny hop his head but his bike goes into my leg and I lock it up and go into the barriers and end with a slomo endo but don't hit pavement myself. anyway my bars are twisted a bit, but my front brake is tweaked over and I ride over to pit for a rejoin next lap.

when I get on I notice its rubbing pretty good as the front is wobbly and spend the rest of the race trying to move it over on the fly running campy where there is no quick-release but a dial and I can't turn the thing while riding too well. anyway I'm so pissed I felt like dropping out but don't cause so many people come to watch this one. last few laps it gets strung out and fast and Tom really sets me up nicely on the last lap, I mean perfect. I roll in for 6th or 7th with a messed up bike.
just goes to show even if you are flying it always takes a little luck as well. have to say if all was normal it was very likely I would have won the way I felt, and if it did end up a field sprint Tom's effort and positioning was sweet, its just too bad luck went south with the mishap...thats racing.
after party was sweet as well, and I hit the rack at 2:30am just to make sure my legs hurt more from sierra nevada intake than the race.

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