Sunday, October 3, 2010

CCCX #3 Ft Ord 35 B

Race: CCCX #3
Category: 35 Bs
Place: 1/23
Teammates: Just me (TED BURNS)

Threat level was Guarded today.  I remembered my bikes, i left with enough time, it still only seemed to get me to the course with 40 minutes to spare.  I got changed got my number and rode the back side of the course.  It was at the same place at the CCCX #1 where i had forgotten my bikes but it was running in the opposite direction and skipped the hill and added on some single track that we hadn't covered before.   My practice laps didn't leave me feeling like i had the course down but I was pretty confident after my last win.

I got a call up which I think is pretty key to doing well in a cross race.  The first corner was about 100 yards after the start.  I got out front but took it pretty slow the first lap.  I was having trouble in a few sections of the course that had some deep sand and 180's. For some reason 180's on dirt are really throwing me off.  Anyways... i messed up a few things on the first lap and got passed by two guys.  I was starting to freak out a little cause i kept loosing ground on the technical sections.  I got passed by a third guy going into lap 3 but, actually figured this was my fate, and maybe i was fatigued or what ever.  

Anyway... on that lap the guy in the lead had a huge crash.  I passed him on on the back side single track section where he had gone down and was laying on his back his bike off in the woods.  He's gone.  Sucka.

Then somewhere in the flat 180 section i passed the next guy and put some time into him in some of the 180's that were on the grass, and really distanced him on this run up hill.  Huh... i was back in second.  

Then... going into the woodsy, deep dirt section with turns i saw the guy in first bite it twice and fly off the course.  I told him to take it easy cause it was obvious he was making mistakes cause he was tire.  Just like that I was back in the lead.

The only guy close was the fella i passed in the 180's and he wasn't gaining at all so I just kept it steady and focused on form thorugh the rest of the course.  After three laps I felt pretty dialed in and wasn't making any mistakes. 

Coming into the finish i felt like my lead was pretty solid so I slowed up to make sure i didn't do anything stupid.  The announcer was calling me out so I raised my hands in a super sad victory salute.  I need to work on it, but while it was cool hearing my name, there wasn't much of a crowd to salute for.  However, as a friend said, you can't tell that from a photo.

For some reason, i was tired, i think i was fatigued from racing the previous two weekends and felt like the race was harder than it should have been.  Definitely decided to upgrade.  I put in for an upgrade and it came through so I'm officially a Cat 2 again, at least in CX.

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