Friday, January 1, 2010

Steve Pelaez - Bio

Steve Pelaez
San Francisco, Ca
Nick Name: Peleazenator, Pacman, Hot Pants

Steve got into biking because his parents didn't want to buy him a nice car in high school. Steve decided to spend his minimum wage savings on a racing Raleigh bike and neon green Nike spandex racing kit with matching neon shoes. Soon after his debut, the ladies nicknamed him Hot Pants. He still doesn't know if they were flattering him or making fun of the colorful racing kit. Steve prefers to think it was the latter. After winning his first few races, Steve was certain he didn't need to train. He simply showed up to races after living it up the night before. He got shelled of course, countless times. It was a rude awakening, but a valuable lesson that taught him that cycling is all about hard work, determination, and persistence. A lesson he applies to everyday living.

As a member of the Philippine National Team, Steve raced the world cups to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where the team finished 3rd best in Asia. Also, he set the Philippine national records in the team sprint and the kilo and helped his team win the Gold medal in the points race. His proudest achievement on the bike was using his racing as a platform to raise money for the Philippine Children's Fund of America, a charity that helps impoverished homeless children in the Philippines.

Today, Steve no longer wears any neon clothing. Instead he now sports bright yellow and spotted black Rocktape, the best performance enhancing product in the market today.

2009 Results
1st Santa Cruz Crit
1st Giro San Francisco
1st International Omnium
1st Multiple Friday night racing
1st King of the Mt. - Wente Road Race.

Career Highlights:
2 Time Elite Track Nationals bronze medalist
National Master's Madison Champion
Philippine National Record Holder
SEA Games Gold Medal team points race.
Multiple State Champion - track and road

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