Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Race updates: Colavita Novato GP

Colavita Novato GP - July 18
Brief summary; so it was a hot one today, too hot for me really. I don't know what it is with age and heat but the older I get the worse I tolerate high temps - has to be the extra weight I'm carrying vs. when I was about 148-150lbs, loved the heat when I was younger.
Anyway, I was really surprised to see BB there, and it was cool to have at least one teammate for the masters race. so the race was stacked with safeway and a few other teams had good representation like rocknasium. It was hot and tactical on a somewhat boring non-technical wide open course, but it was an ok course not too bad, not as bad as a corporate 4 corner gig, just not selective. there were some primes and when I won one of the early ones I had to recover longer than normal due to the heat (and knowing it would be a field sprint by the syle of racing). 
Fast forward to last five laps and it was a bit aggressive, and with 2 togo going thru S/F BB launched a good move solo as the pack bunched up a bit in a moment of indecision. he got a nice gap for the next half lap which was cool - a bit more mojo and who knows. then it setup and strung out for bell lap and I was in a fairly good position (top 5-6) on backside, then I sprinted once to get into top 4 and once the real sprint started right before and out of last corner it was one of those in the 12 topped out high-speed sprints where whatever position you had stayed that way to the line, not  my kind of power sprint at all, rather a high speed drag race style sprint (perfect for Steve).
So I finished 4th though it was close between me and 3rd, but the top 2 were a bike length ahead. Pretty decent prize money - and great to have another Marin race as wellso close to home.

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