Monday, August 16, 2010

Novato Grand Prix

I really like this race. I did it last year as well. Some would say I like it because it's easy, I say I like it because the racers make the race rather than the course making the race. It's mostly flat (very small riser) and not technical (only one real corner).

I was near the front from the beginning. When breaks went off I tried not to get nervous, but I probably was more concerned them than I should have been and I went to the front a few times to keep the break in check. A couple of times someone would try to bridge up and I pitched in. I traded a couple of pulls but by the time we caught the break, the break had lost it's impetus.

Then I tried to wait for nearer the end. With two to go the group fanned across the road at the start finish line and I took off. In my mind, I made a heroic move. The announcer said (and this is TRUE!) "and there is a STRONG move on the inside!" I buried myself. I made it back around to the start finish line but at this point I was going backwards, not forwards and I still had a lap to go. At this point a guy comes past me on the other side of the road. I wish he had yelled at me so let me know he was coming - maybe I could have summoned a bit more... Then another guy blows by me... I wished they had gone earlier with me and we could have worked together. I pretty much knew that two long laps by myself wasn't in the cards but when I attacked I had hoped someone would come with me... Anyway...

With 3/4 of a lap to go the field comes by and I have nothing left to be able to latch on. The field caught the other two guys who passed me and it was a big field finish. I rolled in a bit after that. Being able to attack at the end is a definite sign that the form is coming around…

- Matt

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